Work With Sharon

 Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?

Are you interested in becoming your own Entrepreneur so you can live the life you want to live and have the freedom to enjoy it? 

I’m currently accepting a limited number of enthusiast entrepreneurial like people for my 2013 Mentoring Program. In this program, you will learn how to become a successful Wellness Coach and create a thriving online nutrition program so that you can build the business of your dreams.

I’ll teach you exactly how I’ve been able to create a flourishing career in the health and wellness industry with the time and income to enjoy it.

You will receive personal, one-on-one business training from me and you’ll have the option to receive a top-notch holistic health coaching education from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed what you do for a living?

When you’re selected to become part of my mentoring program, you’ll not only tap into one of today’s sought-after professions,  you’ll learn how to make your path of business ownership profitable, scalable, and most of all, enjoyable!

What you’ll receive in this program:

  • Weekly private one-on-one business coaching with me
  • Clarity on EXACTLY how to make income in your wellness business
  • Access to our Mastermind & Leadership Forum to connect with others, just like you, in the program
  • Coaching on how to blog, create your website, and build a brand around yourself and business
  • Coaching on how to build a Facebook Business Page and how to attract your target market to your page and once they land there, to your website.
  • Coaching on how to get your Facebook Fans to engage with you and share your page with other people
  • Coaching on how to set up effective paid ads to make your key posts accessible to an even wider audience
  • Training and guidance on creating your own online nutrition program, modeled after the Strengthen.Nourish.Evolve Nutrition Plan
  • Training and guidance on how to create the best marketing strategies for your business that will help you pull in endless streams of income
  • Access to SNE online training program to develop your online wellness business

I will give you the tools and resources to begin your wellness coaching and counseling career and live your best life now.

Being in business for yourself and authoring your own life path empowers you in a way unlike any other. I’ll offer insights from industry leaders and practical knowledge that you can apply to your own business to create success now and for years to come.

This program is for people who want to:

  • Be in business for themselves
  • Have control over their finances and work schedule
  • Build a thriving online business that can be managed from anywhere in the world
  • Create a thriving income
  • Utterly love what they do every day
  • Make a positive difference in people’s lives
  • Be coachable, teachable and want to learn
  • Stay self-motivated and focused
  • Work hard and build a solid, sustainable recurring income that will pay them for years to come
  • Be part of a committed group of like-minded entrepreneurs working to further each others businesses

This program is not for people who:

  • Are not interested in health & wellness
  • Do not want to work for themselves
  • Cannot stay committed or be honest with themselves
  • Are not willing to personally grow, learn from experts and develop the skills needed to build a thriving online business

You simply have to ask yourself… am I ready to create my dream wellness business?

If your answer is yes, fill out the form below to tell me that you’re ready to put yourself on a path to a healthy, radiant and prosperous life. Consideration for the program is open on a rolling basis.

Please contact me and I will be in touch within 24 hours. Thank you!