Hi!  I'm Sharon Dangles, founder of Sharon Holistic Living and I've crafted educational programs, products, and knowledge to get you to a life filled with purpose and passion - because when you change on the inside you attract more abundance into your life.  

I guide you how to gain clarity, take action, and breathe in new life.  Learn super simple healthy lifestyle habits that stick.  I'll be with you every step of the way.

Seeing other women's transformation makes my heart sing, and it’s my passion to help you make it happen. 


[1]  Still work in Corporate America as a Director of Finance.  Received my degree in accounting.

[2]  Became a certified yoga instructor because I fell in love with it after attending a retreat.

[3]  Entered a figure/bodybuilding competition at the age of 44 - it was on my bucket list.

[4]  Eating vegetarian lately because I wanted to eat more vegetable and feel energized.

[5]   My dream is to live somewhere warm and off the grid.

[6]  My favorite daily drink of choice is H2O - with herbs, fruit, or cucumbers.