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Meditation by the sea

Life Coaching Session

Exhausted from investing all your time and energy into people’s dreams? Full of blame & resentment? Now those energy suckers have moved on & you’re not sure who you are without them. Talk about an unfair, vicious cycle! Fall back in love with those energy suckers, and even be grateful for the role they have in your life. Through my coaching you can have the tools to create boundaries, handle stress, and be in control of your dreams. You can achieve balance!

Essential Oils Wellness Session

In this educational session, I will walk you through what essential oils are, where they come from, how to use them, and the many health benefits they offer you to live a healthier and happier life.  You will receive a customized wellness plan based on your personal needs.  Call now to schedule a session.


Money Mindset Session

Has a history of financial lows led you to believe you're "just one of those people" who's bad with money? What if it's actually that line of thinking that's causing your struggles? 
You'll not only receive a clear plan & practical tools, but I'll guide you through a mindset change that will have you not only making ends meet, but fill you with so much abundance that your cup will truly run over!