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Yoga for EVERYbody

Awakening Morning Yoga, Sunday's at 10:30 a.m.

Yoga 360, 91 Bankview Dr., Frankfort, IL

Intention-based yoga classes with Sharon, a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach, are curated around meeting students where they are at. Each class starts with experiencing how each part of our body feels, without trying to change anything. From there each student sets an intention they wish to cultivate for their practice both on and off of the mat. We then move into cultivating and maintaining a smooth, even breath. As we warm up, we alternate between natural, fluid movements, and more structured, rhythmic forms and movements. When moving with the breath, the breath is woven within each movement.  Resting in child’s pose, we begin to let go of the breath and simply observe it. Visualize little doses of meditation throughout the class. Also, there is great attention to alignment and staying within one’s own practice. The student always has choices and options, from how long to stay in a pose, what variation is right in that moment, to the degree of intensity or comfort one chooses.
All levels are welcome.

Yoga Class